by Dear Light

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The second album by Dear Light, recorded in 2011.


released May 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Dear Light Bristol, UK

Dear Light is my solo project. I have recorded four albums to date, 'Dear Light' (2010), 'Sternenfall' (2011), 'The Observer' (2011) and 'Shepherd Moon' (2012). A mighty thirty-seven track album entitled 'Broken Hymns' is being worked on with every available minute. This will be finished in the summer of 2014 ... more

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Track Name: No More Blues
Winter revealed a girl to me
A beautiful gift from a northern tree
She captured my mind and chased my soul away

While blinded by her beauty light
I fell into love with her overnight
A foolish heart will soon find heartbreak

Now i see, yes, my friends told me so
You're not for me and it is time to go-o-o-o

No more blues or darker days
When love isn't right it soon decays
And once again i can love the whole world
Track Name: You Illustrate My Dreams
You illustrate my dreams
and bring to life my day
tell me what they mean
before they go away
Heaven knows why your work and you
Are skipping through my mind
But something chimes inside
You show what others hide
You illustrate the world
And brighten every day
sum it up in lines
bursting through the grey
such a gift as rare as you
could look into my eyes
and see what's down inside
you know i wouldn't hide
it was summer, the last one gone
when i whispered your name
since then you drifted from my mind and it feels like a shame
now the time is right,
and a different story will fly tonight
If you want to draw me near
I’ll love you as you are
Track Name: Sternenfall
Dear lulabell, a bird, a tree
Renewed a right spirit within me, we
searched for ourselves in each other
we searched for a lover but found much more

Your gaze is lifted to the birds
All the bridges you, sang with kind words to...
Save me from falling downwards
Just when my steps were boundless and strong

The stars, so bright, fall from the sky
and i, i open my eyes to see my world in you
To love, let go, live and die -
a divine vision we shared and wrote worlds anew.

I only wanted truth and soul
In you the world revealed the whole
As fishes we swim in the river
We love, and flow by in an autumn of song
Track Name: Come to the Light
"Awake, awake o' sleeping child - and come to the light"

You are so near, but so far it has all been pain
Now dry those tears you cry -
Your eyes are redder than the sun
You'll soon be one
With happiness
Change will carry you home

Awaken! - Cry no more tears,
Come to the light, come to the light
Over, over - it's over now
Child, dear child,
You'll be in love again soon
Your eyes are the sun and the moon
Now sing only that which is new
You have the gift of love in you

I know you feel so sad - but all that is will pass
That dream has gone, so now…
Awaken to the dawn of you,
Feel your truth
Rise up,
Shed your skin and know within

Awaken! - Cry no more tears,
Come to the light, come to the light
Over, over - it's over now
Child, dear child,
You'll be in love again soon
Your eyes are the sun and the moon
Now sing only that which is new
You have the gift of love in you
Track Name: Stay With Me
Will anyone, stay with me, tonight, tonight?
‘Cos love, love, love won’t hold my hand like I know it can
What will the future bring to wake me up inside my head

I was in love, with somebody so kind, so kind
We had love, love, then it went away
And i don't understand, where do i put aside
This feeling that's keeping me from sleep

I’ve been alone, and lost to me for sometime
All my tears, I hope to be
Out of sight, Out of mind, out of mind

Will anyone, stay with me, tonight, tonight?
And love, love, love won't come my way
'Til i let this pain go within my head
And breathe another life instead

La la la la

I'll be alone, 'til somebody will find
All my dreams - a hope to kiss
When I don’t mind, I don’t mind
That she's gone, she's gone
Track Name: Folie à deux
Track Name: Don't Go To Sleep
You keep on coming over,
I’ve forgotten the way you smile
In truth I fear the hereafter
It’s true I’ve been here a while

Don’t go to sleep...
Track Name: The End of the Show
You knew what was coming - the end of the show
A change in your heart that i didn't know

We gave each other first love
We gave it all we had
Now look upon our good times
And lock away the bad

Ba ba ba

We filled our home here, but love stayed outside
You sat there smoking across the great divide

And tho' the dark is rising
Will leave me on the floor
The moon it keeps on shinin'
With the chance to love once more

Ba ba ba

Heaven knows that i am sorry, sorry that i wasn't strong
Everyday i was so unhappy, unhappy that it went wrong
But now i see we gave it all that we could,
Probably much more time than anyone should have

Deep in my heart i feel love always, always for everything
You were all of beauty, beauty but you felt alone
Sacrificed our love to learn how to live
Everything that is now, is right that it is
Track Name: The Downgoing Plants Gold
Track Name: Seven Pillows
To the girl with seven pillows
I have dreamed you for so long
I don't know if we'll be lovers
Heaven knows what's in your heart

But 'til then, all is dream
and life feels written for me - i see the now!
For that is all that there is
That is all we will be
that is all that we are - only now

To the girl with seven pillows
You are worth the wait in gold
How the times we share are treasured
Oh what beauty to behold!

But we shake as we touch,
And delight in as much - It feels like love
For that is all that there is
That is all we will be
That is all that we are....only love. holy love.
Track Name: Goodbye Fear
The time has come to let her go
It is time to move on
Taking only what i own
And leave the rest behind here
...goodbye fear, our time here has gone